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During covid19 situation lots of lectures are going on online method but there are student lot of students facing problem memorizing they lecture timetables or view the schedule because there is no proper timetables even if there is time table available but some situations lecturers will change time schedules so it is hard for students as undergraduate student I am made this app. This app I started coding my own idea and this is not migration software I started from basic. In this app lecturer can schedule the lecture time and week days and add the meeting url. students can view time table according to they studying department .lecturer can view all department time tables and remove the schedule which subject he/she teaching.


Now university students and lecturers they view and edit they online schedules another feature they get meeting url inside timetable also so students can easily joined to the online meetings. Students and lectures they no need to maintain a own local databases inside they local machine now they will easily log in and see current lecture updates threw this use of application. This app it is use full for students and lectures. this is app purpose completely get users if they merge this app with they university website.


In this app I used facebook open source tool/product is react js and other open source tools mysql, Nosql database Mongodb, node js express,spring boot these 5 technologies I used

UML Modelling

Use case diagram for Lecturer process

Use case name :-Lecturer update course schedule

Summary :- Lecturer enter the system and he/she can view all department timetables and he can make lecture schedule and remove the lecture schedule he/she assigned lecture.

Actor :- Lecturer/Professor Precondition :- actor has to login into the system Main sequence :-

  • Lecturer has to login into the system if email and password is correct system will got to next page
  • Lecturer want to choose the department then system will generate department time table
  • • If he/she want to make changes then choose the department ,year, semester and course code then Lecturer can make changes.

Sequence diagram for Login System




Software Engineering undergraduate at University of Kelaniya

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Tharun varshanth

Tharun varshanth

Software Engineering undergraduate at University of Kelaniya

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